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FitMind came about as a result of a discussion between Health Guru Industries CEO, Mireille Ryan, with her good friend Stuart Walter. In Mireille’s fitness business, she found that those clients who attended the boot camp sessions and followed the nutrition advice, achieved excellent results. But some of the clients slept in, they emotionally ate and procrastinated and obviously didn’t achieve the same results. Mireille knew these negative behaviours were the result of mindset so she asked Stuart to put together a program based on his years of experience working with people in a similar situation. FitMind was born!

Once clients started using FitMind, Mireille saw dramatic changes in their results. From there, FitMind has grown to include several different programs including a program for people in business, a program for students and a program for Network Marketers and have several more in development.

The mind is a very powerful tool when used correctly and by using the FitMind programs, you can unlock your true potential


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