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Belief - Where Do I Get It? Blog

Belief - Where Do I Get It?

Many clients I work with just have no belief in themselves… you may be the same.

Without belief you will not accomplish anything, except more of the same… some may get lucky.

I guarantee you have as much belief as you need to accomplish the ‘previously impossible’ I say previously impossible because so many times the impossible has been done, without belief this would not happen.

World records continue to be broken… why? Belief that they have before.

So that is very nice Stu… how do I find that champion in me? Have you ever looked for that inner Champion is always a good place to start? Most stopped dreaming as children after being told to stop dreaming your life away.

So how do we find this? Thanks for asking! (Yes, I talk to myself lots)                                           

OK…What is something we can guarantee?                                                                                                        

Your heart will continue to beat until you are dead…                                                                                    

Continue breathing in and out you will stay alive…                                                                                          

If you hold a pen above the ground and release your fingers… it will drop!     

How do we know this? It just does… it is a BELIEF. Test them if you wish!!!

Take the heart for example,  we do not even have to remember to beat our heart, most of the time we forget it is in there, yet it continues to do what it does with incredible accuracy every time.

Imagine that ‘belief’ applied to an improvement you wish to have, imagine just doing the new thing without even having to remember to do it… and even better, not even remembering the old thing!

So what I have just confirmed is, you have the belief in you required to change anything… we simply apply that ‘belief resource’ to the new change when relaxed and … Happy Days!

You can do this tonight! Before you go to bed tonight, take a pen and paper and write down the goal or objective that you will apply belief to. As you drift off to sleep ask your unconscious mind…

“I now allow my unconscious mind to apply the ‘heart belief’ to the (insert change required) and while I am sleeping allow them to integrate at the same automatic level as my heart is beating. I will awake in the morning with the belief that I will do……….. as I follow my heart!”

You may have to repeat this process several times for the level of belief required to achieve (your outcome)


If you think you can or you think you can’t… either way you will be right!

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