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Habits, Behaviours and Addictions Blog

Habits, Behaviours and Addictions

OK… to get started I had a look at the definitions in the dictionary…

Habits - ‘something that you do often or regularly, often without thinking about it’

Behaviour - ‘the way that someone behaves’.

Behaviour  can be a one off reaction and the habit and addiction are reoccurring.

Addictions - ‘a strong need or wish to spend as much time as possible doing a particular activity’.

Hmmm even more confusing, so let’s just say they are really the same!

I will use the habit of smoking to give you an understanding of creating the awareness of these and how to create change.

So you would agree that you can never have the habit or addiction of smoking without the first cigarette!  You can’t have the first one without the decision to have one, so every habit begins with a decision. A decision takes a split second.

The habit will build from there and then the ‘belief about the addiction’ builds.

Here is something that will make you think… all we do is swap a habit! Instead of a smoke have a glass of water! If you do this once, that is a behaviour, do it 2 or more times and yes that is a habit and /or an addiction, congratulations.

You now have a habit of not smoking.

What creates this ’addiction’ is a belief that it is too difficult to change, generally due to past failures you have experienced or experiences other people have experienced. Many people who smoke do so as they ‘think’ they will put on weight when they stop smoking!

The stop smoking ads on TV are giving you the belief that ‘it is hard to stop smoking’.

Sorry to say, it just a choice and it is your choice just as it is to exercise or to watch TV.

AND yes it is as easy as finding the right resource in you to make a change, if it was a matter of life or death would you change? If you said yes… make the change and do it.

The reason we hold on to bad habits is that there is a more positive reason to do that rather than do the other!

The best way to understand this is a process I call ‘Time to Change’. If you wear a watch, change wrists! Initially it will be awkward just to put it on, then it will feel strange, after a while you get used to it…

Now every time you notice the watch.

You will know it is time to change.

Now you can change in time.

And is what you are doing at this time helping you move forward

Watch how the changes in time will.

There are no rules/ believes that state ‘you must wear your watch on the left wrist’ so be different and just watch the changes!


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