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Mastering Your Mindset Podcast



Stuart Walter is a professionally trained Hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner, known to his clients as ‘The Secret Weapon’ his results make him Australia’s #1 for Sports hypnosis. Add to this business performance, working with people and companies to maximise performance and attitude. 

Clients include Olympians, National, Commonwealth and currently 25 World Champions in sport, sporting teams, business entrepreneurs, children and champions in life!

Within the walls of his professional offices, many lives have been transformed forever. 

Now in great demand, Stuart is a regular on B105 fm radio, an inspiring speaker, Published Author and with a creative mind that changes and empowers everyone he meets.

As a professional speaker, Stuart comes alive sharing his knowledge and processes created in ways that have people laughing, crying and being inspired.

Creating champions is in his blood and we can all benefit from this passion and natural abilities to create the path in life for the champion within

 In this episode we discuss:  

  • What limits you from achieving your goals and dreams. 
  • Why you need to be careful with who you surround yourself with
  • Why mentors are important when it comes to mindset
  • How to Believe in Yourself