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Why Your Mind is Your Best Friend or Worst Enemy Blog

Why Your Mind is Your Best Friend or Worst Enemy

Okay… starting Monday I am going to get fit, I am going to eat properly and exercise daily… until Wednesday! Sound familiar?

How is it that you have the best intentions to change or improve yourself, then you self sabotage the results? If only you could understand why your mind does what it does and why that be an advantage to your life and those around you?

Well now is the time for you to begin to get an understanding, as I sift through the common factors that I have noticed in my professional practice and compile them for your benefit.

Your mind has two parts.

  1. The conscious mind - the part of your mind that is sitting there reading and thinking about all that is now in front of you.
  2. The unconscious (or subconscious) mind - the part of your mind that manages your body functions,  growth, repair and it also has all those resources and experiences and emotions all stored away for a time you require an action. It also controls your breathing… until I made you aware to take a breath, you have now turn that into a conscious action, didn't you?

Now… back to why we do crazy things? We always orientate ourselves toward the positive experiences, those experiences with a positive emotion attached to them, like coffee with the girls, lunches, holidays, weekends and shopping.

The things you do not like to do are those that generally have a negative emotion attached, until they are done, then you feel great…sometimes! Groceries, washing, cleaning, bills, cooking and yes… even exercise. The process of preparing can be negative, the workout just as painful yet the rewards after are worth it.

So why do we worry, stress, panic? Why do we doubt, fear or limit ourselves? It is our unconscious mind that is designed to protect us from being hurt!  That is all it is doing

You predict and create your future…  your mind then attaches an emotion to that experience in the future, based on past experiences then… Da daaaaa, excitement (positive outcome) or worry, fear, doubt (a negative outcome).

You see it is your conscious mind that is there to protect you… it ‘thinks' based on your past that you are going to have a negative experience again…  eg, hurt, failure, fear, guilt, shame or anger… now we spend the rest of the time avoiding that which we created… you will know this as self sabotage.

Does this sound familiar? Why do some people just do what we think is difficult?  Would being able to understand this and manage your mind be an amazing advantage?

In the upcoming months you will be taken through a process of creating an awareness of your thoughts, actions, behaviours and beliefs, you will be given proven tips, tricks and things to do, that will change your thoughts… and in changing thoughts, you will change your actions.

Start today by noticing self sabotage actions and what you do to distract yourself from doing what you know you need or want to do.

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