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FitMind Level 1 Coach

Would you like to work with your clients to help then reach their true potential?  

The FitMind Level 1 Coaching Program has been designed to help you lead your clients step by step through the FitMind programs and give your clients the extra support they need.  


The Benefits of becoming a FitMind Level 1 Coach

  • Lead your clients through the FitMind program to ensure they complete each module
  • Work through any blockages that your clients might have
  • Add an additional profit centre to your business 
  • Increase retention of your current clientele as they will be reaching their potential and enhancing the results of working with you
  • Increased referrals as your clients get enhanced results, naturally they will tell their friends

The FitMind Level 1 Coaching program is being released in early 2015, and if you are interested in learning more, please click here. 

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