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Elite Athletes spend 4-6 hours a day 

6 times a week for

An event that lasts 10 seconds every 4 years!

Many in business do no training for an event that lasts 10 hours a day!

FitMind for business will create a champion business from the mindset of an elite athlete.

  • What is it that they do?
  • How do they keep breaking records?
  • How do they find the motivation?
  • What is it that they do?

How can I break business records?

In the FitMind for life you have the basics… get these happening and combine that with these individual processes for business… and you and your business can be breaking record after record.

Business and work beliefs are the reason many fail.  Emotions about money are high because of the time and energy we put into work.

When emotions are taken from business and money it becomes a game… like monopoly!

 What we have found in business mindsets before is what generally stops people and companies from success

  •  Beliefs and opinions from others
  • Self sabotage
  • Lack of goals
  • Lack of resources
  • Fears of failure and fear of success
  • Too much information AND creating confusion
  • Past business and personal issues are all limitations to success.

I cannot tell you how to run your business or what to do or how to structure it… how to price your product or how to sell… what I can do is to get you to APPLY the knowledge you have.

The best business coach in the world will not get results if your head is not in the right place.

With FitMind we can get your head open to accepting the systems and processes from a business coach.

And additionally motivation alone will get you nowhere!

If you are going around in a circle and we motivate you… you will go around in circles FASTER!!! 

Motivational speakers are great, they get you revved up to achieve you have all the energy to burn your mind is active and ready to go, and then you are confronted with the same stuff and react the same way and motivation dies!

FitMind for business is setting a direction, finding the resources, removing the blockages and then motivating, this way motivation lasts when habits and reactions are changed!

When I was starting the company… The amount of people that have said to me …why do you do this to yourself ?

The amount of times I could have given up… thousands.

Working early hours to late nights and on weekends and panicking when the diary was emptied and bills due.

The times when you count on clients to be there and they cancel or postpone.

The pricing battle in my head how can I charge that? Everyone else is… and justifying and questioning, I did it all.

AND … The sheer anger when people in jobs seem to have all the money to travel and buy nice things… that should be me.

Our Business minds need a complete overhaul… FitMind for business does that.

Combined with FitMind for life… this specific information will…

  • Open your mind
  • Open up opportunities
  • Create clarity

Have you reaching for those dreams you went into business for.

Business becomes fun and great things just happen.

You did not go into business to do paperwork or deal with staff issues or frustrating customers, you went into business to do what you do well! You had a dream.

If you are a business owner, admin personnel or employee, the first thing you have to do is begin to think the same way… it is your business, your life and your dreams. Time to be YOU and take control.

You work, you get money. Being a business owner vs employee is no different mentally!

The same fundamentals in FitMind for life apply!

These processes are to be integrated as part of the Target process, the Dear Dairy Process and life is a choice!

Each recording is designed to create awareness, change and integrate into your life! Business is just one aspect.

All the workbooks will give a greater understanding and clarity to the introductions and the actual MP3 recordings. 

So many want to isolate the business and work parts of their life… good luck, you are going to need it.

Our minds do not work that way, if they did we would all be wealthy, love work and have and an awesome business that provides freedom, to do what you want… when and where and have an abundant amount of money to do it!

The great thing is not everyone wants to own a business and not everyone will have a FitMind for business… you are already at the elite level by choosing FitMind for business.

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